Design is a complex process, which involves a network of knowledge, love, passions, skills, which leads through non-sequential stages and continuous ebb and flow, the modification of forms of furniture, architectural or urban.

As an architect I curious about the steps that go from the idea to the project, until its construction (whatever it is …. .. Object, area, etc …) and completion. In the project they are interested in the “materials” with which the idea takes shape, the ideas behind it, the tools with which the idea and the building takes shape, informing and organizing the space. I can think of the architectural profession as a hybrid condition of thought and action, a condition in which instinct and reason coexist; Hybrid goes to the heart of the debate by proposing possible results, many results. Plan is to structure, to give syntax, meaning, to render curious, to give to look, see and imagine.

RYSTUDIO is a consequence of the need for a fixed point in which to operate to receive, to dream, to think and devise. The heart of an ongoing investigation, the evolving works, ideas to multiply. Direct contact with nature with the essence of what surrounds us always remembering that the site creates the space as a natural symbiosis beyond which everything becomes external to itself.

The studio, founded by architect Ryka Storm, is moving towards multiple themes, developing experience in the national context, but with an eye open to the international avant-garde. In architecture deals with both architectural requalification of residential and urban regeneration. In interior architecture it is oriented towards the study of small spaces and made furniture that is well attest to customer requirements, but can match the “New & Old”.

The study is based in the Salento, in the small town of Montesano Salentino in the province of Lecce.

  • Architecture 100% 100%
  • Design 95% 95%
  • Rendering and 3D Animation 80% 80%
  • Architectural plastic 95% 95%
  • Prototyping and 3D Printing 70% 70%